Friday, September 3, 2010

Wanda Knows - When the tough get going

Episode 26 -When the tough get going

The background: Wanda is staying at our house (Good times!) She was sitting in our office talking to me and out of the blue she said

Wanda: "I get it! When the tough get going, the going gets tough!"

Celeste: "Uh wand, I think its, when the going-"

Wanda: Interrupting "No! I get it! It's when the tough get going the going gets tough! You know like when the big tough warrior guys get going, you know like moving, the going (she emphasised this word and looked at me like I should be making a great mental connection at this point) gets tough!"

Celeste: Silently laughing, pulling up my blog as fast as I can, and trying not to let the grin show on my face, and hoping she doesn't notice what I'm doing!

Wanda: Blissfully unaware, left the room

Reaction when she finds out she's wrong.... to be continued

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wanda Knows: Snakes

Episode 25 - Wanda Knows Snakes

I have to apologize for my terrible neglect of the Wanda knows series. Although I have not posted them it does not mean that they are not alive and well. :) On the way home from the farm this happened and re-inspired me to post some of the ones that I've been trying to remember! enjoy.

The Background: Driving home from the farm in Nevada Wanda was explaining how she thought she had not done anything that at least one of her brothers or sisters had done, but then she realized that she was wrong. She had once gone to the house of a boy who had been featured in the news for having more than 100 animals in his back yard. 

Wanda: "This guy had lots of animals but the only ones that he left out for us to pet were the Boa Constructor and the alligator because the others were too dangerous."

K.C.: "Wait a minute, did you say Boa Constructor?"

Wanda: "Yes, Boa Constructor. You know, it's a big snake."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wanda Knows: Internet Security

Episode: 24

Wanda Knows Internet Security

The background: 
I have a friend, that has a facebook account and recently her account was compromised and someone got into it and posted something on her status. She changed her password and re-secured her account. Wanda was over at our house when we read of all of this...

Wanda: "She just changed her password?!" she exclaimed in disbelief. "Well that would have been a lot easier!"

Celeste: "What did that happen to you?"

Wanda: "Yes"

Celeste: "So what did you do, delete your whole account and start over?" I asked jokingly.

Wanda: In anguish "YES! Why didn't I think of that? That would have been a whole lot easier. I deleted all of my friends and all of my pictures and all of my info and then I deleted the profile. It's been such a hassle to find all my friends again and find all the pictures and everything! Yeah that would have been a LOT easier!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wanda Knows Cooking

Episode 23 - Wanda Knows Cooking

I've been staying out at mom and dads and Wanda decided to make Creamy Wheat. I walked into the kitchen in time to see her scooping water into a big bowl on top of the cup of Creamy Wheat that was in the bottom of the bowl. (It appeared as if there were 4 or 5 cups of wheat stuff in the bottom of the bowl, even though there was only one). Knowing that she was trying to only make 2 servings I asked.

Celeste: Um, Wand, just a little bit makes quite a lot. Did you know it's going to at least double?

Wanda: (very decidedly) Oh I'm following the ingredients.

Celeste: Hu?

Wanda: I'm just following the ingredients on the package, and this is what it said to put in.

Celeste: (chuckling) That's good Wand, you do that!

She stirred it together for several minutes and it just wasn't working

Wanda: This is going to take a long time.

Ang: You do need to cook it or it will never become the soft cereal that you want.

So she again looked at the "ingredients" and and sure enough it said to boil the water before you put in the wheat. Ah the secret to making Creamy Wheat. You must boil the water. Remember to check those ingredients before you start cooking next time!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wanda Knows - Original

Episode 22: Wanda Knows Original

The Background: This is good folks, this is really good! It all started when Wanda was hanging out with some of her friends. One of the friends arrived later than the rest and she was dressed very differently with bright colors and all sorts of different articles of clothing that combined to make quite the outfit.

Friend 1 (to the new girl): "Wow that's very original... I like it."

Wanda: confused and rather loudly "oh, I think it looks kinda different"

Everyone turned to look at her, completely confused. It was then and there that she decided that she needed to figure out what the rest of the world thought 'original' meant. So she went home and asked dad.

Later... we came over and she sat me down and said "Celeste what do you think 'original' means?"

Celeste: "Well it depends on what you're referring to, but in general it means something different or new."

Wanda: "Well I know that that's what it means now, but all of my life I thought it meant something else."

Celeste: "Oh really? What?"

Wanda: "I thought it meant 'normal, or just like everybody else.' Like my black skirt it's pretty average and lots of people have one like it so I would have said 'This skirt is very original.' Your skirt is very different looking so I would say 'it's very unique.'

K.C.: "So if someone told you to do something original you'd come back with something run of the mill and totally confuse everyone."

Wanda: "Pretty much"

There ya go. Now that you all know what original really means, I hope you strive to be a little different and unique and not so original!

The rest of the story - Wanda was talking to me later again. "I still can't believe that that's what original means! It seems totally wrong to me. That's like saying sad means happy. I just can't believe it! It contradicts everything I've ever thought."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wanda Knows - Landscaping

Episode 21: Wanda Knows Landscaping

The Background:
My brother Jake and Dad were talking about what to do with the back yard, Jake had just tilled.

Jake: "We're going to have to level it somehow."

Dad: "The only way to get this level is by hand or with a machine, it's just how much effort we want to put into it."

Wanda: pipes in..."Why won't a rake work?"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wanda Knows - Curling Irons

Episode 20: Wanda Knows Curling Irons

The Background:
Wanda had a birthday in April. For that birthday Ammon, Nephi and I got her some hair accessories and among them was a very nice curling iron and straightener. She's always asking to borrow mine so I figured she could use one of her own.

Several days later....

Wanda: "Celeste I'm really glad that you gave me that curling iron. It's really nice. But either I don't know how to curl hair or it doesn't work on my hair. I curled Annie and Elle's hair and it worked great! But today I tried to curl mine and it wouldn't do ANYTHING. I would even hold it on one strand FOREVER! Nothing!"

I didn't have any suggestions other than turning the heat up a little. She said it was all the way up.

Several days later Wanda came over to our house again...

Wanda: "Celeste, I found out why the curling iron doesn't work."

Celeste: "Oh really? Why?"

Wanda: "It wasn't on!"

Celeste: "Oh!!! Well that would definitely do it!"

Wanda: "I plugged it in but I didn't know you had to turn it ON! It works great now."

Wanda, Wanda.