Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wanda Knows - Morals

Episode 7: Wanda Knows - Morals

The Background: My sister is one of the purest, most innocent and sweet people you will ever meet. She is awesome. So one day she was talking with one of her friends.

Friend: "Wanda, Do you want to come watch a movie with us?"

Wanda: "Which movie?"

Friend: "(says name of movie... We couldn't remember what it was)"

Wanda: "Oh no, I can't watch that."

Friend: (baffled) "Why it's rated G?"

Wanda: "It has Choreography in it!" Shocked that her friend would recommend such a thing...

Later she explained it to me...

Wanda: "Celeste Choreography is bad. It's where people don't have enough clothes on and I don't want to see it!"

I have such a wonderful sister! Now that's devotion for ya. Stand up for what you believe in and never back down!

Wanda Knows - Religion

Episode 6: Wanda Knows Religion

Looking back into the recesses of the past I have retrieved some priceless gems that beg to be shared as they are truly worth sharing.

The Background: We were reading a book about our great great great grandfather Benjamin Brown and how he came to gain his testimony and all of the research that he did concerning other sects while he looked for the truth.

Wanda: "Wait. He was researching other Sects? What's Sect?"

Dad: "What?"

"So if someone asked me what sect I belonged to could I just say female?"

There you have it, never be confused again.