Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wanda Knows - Curling Irons

Episode 20: Wanda Knows Curling Irons

The Background:
Wanda had a birthday in April. For that birthday Ammon, Nephi and I got her some hair accessories and among them was a very nice curling iron and straightener. She's always asking to borrow mine so I figured she could use one of her own.

Several days later....

Wanda: "Celeste I'm really glad that you gave me that curling iron. It's really nice. But either I don't know how to curl hair or it doesn't work on my hair. I curled Annie and Elle's hair and it worked great! But today I tried to curl mine and it wouldn't do ANYTHING. I would even hold it on one strand FOREVER! Nothing!"

I didn't have any suggestions other than turning the heat up a little. She said it was all the way up.

Several days later Wanda came over to our house again...

Wanda: "Celeste, I found out why the curling iron doesn't work."

Celeste: "Oh really? Why?"

Wanda: "It wasn't on!"

Celeste: "Oh!!! Well that would definitely do it!"

Wanda: "I plugged it in but I didn't know you had to turn it ON! It works great now."

Wanda, Wanda.


Wanda said...

ha ha !!!!
(Celeste how do you get a pic on your followers ?)

Wanda said...

it was rely funny I was talking to Anne and Elle about humming birds and I said "they could go rely fast" then Elle said "True" then Anne said "Wanda is always true except for when she knows" lol even the little ones are catching on

mothership said...

ha ha I have that problem with our curling iron and it really bothers me when my hair is just as strait as it was when I start curling it and especially when I want to curl it for a party

Anne said...

i love you so much Wanda!

Elle said...

it worked on our hair? and it wasn't on? wow that is one nifty curling iron!