Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wanda Knows - Curling Irons

Episode 20: Wanda Knows Curling Irons

The Background:
Wanda had a birthday in April. For that birthday Ammon, Nephi and I got her some hair accessories and among them was a very nice curling iron and straightener. She's always asking to borrow mine so I figured she could use one of her own.

Several days later....

Wanda: "Celeste I'm really glad that you gave me that curling iron. It's really nice. But either I don't know how to curl hair or it doesn't work on my hair. I curled Annie and Elle's hair and it worked great! But today I tried to curl mine and it wouldn't do ANYTHING. I would even hold it on one strand FOREVER! Nothing!"

I didn't have any suggestions other than turning the heat up a little. She said it was all the way up.

Several days later Wanda came over to our house again...

Wanda: "Celeste, I found out why the curling iron doesn't work."

Celeste: "Oh really? Why?"

Wanda: "It wasn't on!"

Celeste: "Oh!!! Well that would definitely do it!"

Wanda: "I plugged it in but I didn't know you had to turn it ON! It works great now."

Wanda, Wanda.