Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wanda Knows: Internet Security

Episode: 24

Wanda Knows Internet Security

The background: 
I have a friend, that has a facebook account and recently her account was compromised and someone got into it and posted something on her status. She changed her password and re-secured her account. Wanda was over at our house when we read of all of this...

Wanda: "She just changed her password?!" she exclaimed in disbelief. "Well that would have been a lot easier!"

Celeste: "What did that happen to you?"

Wanda: "Yes"

Celeste: "So what did you do, delete your whole account and start over?" I asked jokingly.

Wanda: In anguish "YES! Why didn't I think of that? That would have been a whole lot easier. I deleted all of my friends and all of my pictures and all of my info and then I deleted the profile. It's been such a hassle to find all my friends again and find all the pictures and everything! Yeah that would have been a LOT easier!"