Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wanda Knows - Original

Episode 22: Wanda Knows Original

The Background: This is good folks, this is really good! It all started when Wanda was hanging out with some of her friends. One of the friends arrived later than the rest and she was dressed very differently with bright colors and all sorts of different articles of clothing that combined to make quite the outfit.

Friend 1 (to the new girl): "Wow that's very original... I like it."

Wanda: confused and rather loudly "oh, I think it looks kinda different"

Everyone turned to look at her, completely confused. It was then and there that she decided that she needed to figure out what the rest of the world thought 'original' meant. So she went home and asked dad.

Later... we came over and she sat me down and said "Celeste what do you think 'original' means?"

Celeste: "Well it depends on what you're referring to, but in general it means something different or new."

Wanda: "Well I know that that's what it means now, but all of my life I thought it meant something else."

Celeste: "Oh really? What?"

Wanda: "I thought it meant 'normal, or just like everybody else.' Like my black skirt it's pretty average and lots of people have one like it so I would have said 'This skirt is very original.' Your skirt is very different looking so I would say 'it's very unique.'

K.C.: "So if someone told you to do something original you'd come back with something run of the mill and totally confuse everyone."

Wanda: "Pretty much"

There ya go. Now that you all know what original really means, I hope you strive to be a little different and unique and not so original!

The rest of the story - Wanda was talking to me later again. "I still can't believe that that's what original means! It seems totally wrong to me. That's like saying sad means happy. I just can't believe it! It contradicts everything I've ever thought."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wanda Knows - Landscaping

Episode 21: Wanda Knows Landscaping

The Background:
My brother Jake and Dad were talking about what to do with the back yard, Jake had just tilled.

Jake: "We're going to have to level it somehow."

Dad: "The only way to get this level is by hand or with a machine, it's just how much effort we want to put into it."

Wanda: pipes in..."Why won't a rake work?"