Friday, October 16, 2009

Wanda Knows Cooking

Episode 23 - Wanda Knows Cooking

I've been staying out at mom and dads and Wanda decided to make Creamy Wheat. I walked into the kitchen in time to see her scooping water into a big bowl on top of the cup of Creamy Wheat that was in the bottom of the bowl. (It appeared as if there were 4 or 5 cups of wheat stuff in the bottom of the bowl, even though there was only one). Knowing that she was trying to only make 2 servings I asked.

Celeste: Um, Wand, just a little bit makes quite a lot. Did you know it's going to at least double?

Wanda: (very decidedly) Oh I'm following the ingredients.

Celeste: Hu?

Wanda: I'm just following the ingredients on the package, and this is what it said to put in.

Celeste: (chuckling) That's good Wand, you do that!

She stirred it together for several minutes and it just wasn't working

Wanda: This is going to take a long time.

Ang: You do need to cook it or it will never become the soft cereal that you want.

So she again looked at the "ingredients" and and sure enough it said to boil the water before you put in the wheat. Ah the secret to making Creamy Wheat. You must boil the water. Remember to check those ingredients before you start cooking next time!

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