Friday, September 3, 2010

Wanda Knows - When the tough get going

Episode 26 -When the tough get going

The background: Wanda is staying at our house (Good times!) She was sitting in our office talking to me and out of the blue she said

Wanda: "I get it! When the tough get going, the going gets tough!"

Celeste: "Uh wand, I think its, when the going-"

Wanda: Interrupting "No! I get it! It's when the tough get going the going gets tough! You know like when the big tough warrior guys get going, you know like moving, the going (she emphasised this word and looked at me like I should be making a great mental connection at this point) gets tough!"

Celeste: Silently laughing, pulling up my blog as fast as I can, and trying not to let the grin show on my face, and hoping she doesn't notice what I'm doing!

Wanda: Blissfully unaware, left the room

Reaction when she finds out she's wrong.... to be continued