Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wanda Knows "Morning Sickness"

Episode 12: Wanda Knows Morning Sickness

The Background: We are up in Salt Lake City with my cousin Loren and his wife, Jessica, who is expecting their first child. Jessica mentioned morning sickness, and that's when it began...

Wanda: "Wait what is morning sickness anyways?"

Jessica: "It's when your pregnant and you throw up in the mornings, and don't feel well."

Wanda: "OOOHHH! O.K. That makes more sense."

K.C.: "Why? What did you think morning sickness was?"

Wanda: "I thought it was when you were really sad. You know like 'Mourning Sickness'?"

K.C.: "So you could say, 'Fred what's wrong?' and he'd say 'Oh you know my aunt just died and I've got mourning sickness real bad today.' Like that?"

Wanda: "Yeah, it never even occurred to me that it was MORNING sickness, and that you got sick in the morning."

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